Our Story

Sizes in 60x120cm, 80x160cm, 120x240cm

Mysia Seramik was born as a project from a seasoned group of professionals with over 10  year experience in the ceramic industry. Venturing beyond the traditional ceramic and porcelain, Mysia Seramik  focuses in promoting and developing awareness of different finishes, providing the highest quality and the latest designs, especially in sizes 60x120cm, 80x160cm, 120x240cm.

​Mysia Seramik  provides solutions with different finishes, following the latest trends in interior design and architecture. Mysia supplies  the perfect material for covering all types of interior and exterior surfaces, ventilated facades.

Mysia Seramik  has constantly renewed itself over the years to meet customer needs in the most effective way. However, one thing remained the same; We continued to work with the most creative and talented people who would bring determination and passion to our company.

Mysia Seramik consists of talented and passionate individuals who aim more than just meeting customers' Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles needs. These qualities constantly move our company forward. The unique ideas that our team members bring to the table always serve the same purpose at the end of the day and turn into high-quality products that we share with you.